Hiring Car Rental Services For Economical Travelling in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is one of the most visited states of India. It is globally famous as a
fascinating tourism & one of the most visited holiday destination of India. Tourists from all over the world travel to this colorful & vibrant Indian state of Rajasthan to enjoy their holiday vacation in a delightful and memorable way. The state has numerous tourism options with lots of attractions they are worth exploring every bit of their beauty while on Rajasthan tours. Starting from magnificent forts, grand Havellis to the eye catching palaces and vast desert landscapes to enchanting wildlife sanctuaries & parks with rare flora & fauna, the vibrant state of Rajasthan never fail to allure its visitors. Cities like Jaipur - the Pink City of India, Jodhpur - the Blue City of India, Udaipur -the Romantic City of India, Jaisalmer - the Golden City of India, Bikaner - the Camel City of India, Ajmer - the pious city, Pushkar - the Sacred City of India, Mount Abu - the only Hill Station of Rajasthan, etc are worth exploring destinations on your tours and travels to Rajasthan.

To make traveling in Rajasthan and cover all the tourism destination several car rental service provide have come out with better solutions to make the travelling in this vibrant state comfortable, luxurious and unforgettable one. These Rajasthan car rental service providers are offering wide range of car to for tourists to enjoy their tour of the state in a delightful way without facing any hassle during the tour. Roads in Rajasthan are well-maintained and ideal for smooth running vehicles. So, it would be more joyful options for tourists if they explore attractions of Rajasthan cities and other places of tourist interest hiring suitable car according to their choice and preferences. In almost all major cities of the state, tourists can find car rental in Rajasthan service providers offering cheap car hire services, luxury car rental services, standard car rental services, deluxe car rental services, coach services, etc.

In each city of Rajasthan tourists can find the local car rental service provides. Well if you want to explore the city attraction of Jaipur globally famous as the pink city of India. In this city you can hire car of your choice from Jaipur car rental service providers. In the same way if you are planning to stay several days in Jodhpur to explore the attraction of the city it is better to hire the car from any one of the reputed car rental in Jodhpur service providers. Traveling in the city in a luxurious car or car hire will make the tour of the city remarkable one. It is not that these cities of Rajasthan are only known for their tourism attractions but the entire state is worth travelling and exploring. Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Mandawa, Bikaner, Kota, Chittourgarh, etc are also famous for their royal attractions and are much appreciated by the tourists for their unparallel tourist attractions.

Well if you are planning for tours and travels in Rajasthan, it is better to travel in car. You will save lots of time and more of all you can also cover to some other nearby attraction together with the main tourism attraction of the state. Travelling in Rajasthan is made better and luxurious by these car hire service provider to make the tourists stay in the state and enjoy the tour of Rajasthan in a delightful and memorable way. Visit us Today http://www.tourpackegeindia.com/jaipur-car-rental.html

Car Rental Services: Going the Extra Mile for Customer Satisfaction

In a large metropolitan city, numerous highways, subways, trains, and other community 
transportation options are available and you might not find it necessary to own your vehicle. While this could be a perfect opinion for regular commute, you might feel the need of owning a car while going on a vacation. However, renting a car is nowadays the best choice among people who want to travel within the city or to another city or cities with family and friends.

Why Go for Car Rentals?

Even if you drive your car on a regular basis, at some point of time or the other, you might be in need of car rental services. You might need a quick drive to another city for an urgent business meeting, you might have to rush to your home town for a medical emergency, or you might need a set of wheels simply because your car is being repaired in the garage. No matter what the reason is; car rentals are easy, handy and convenient in any situation. For long distance tours, you cannot constantly keep yourself engaged with the steering. After all, one plans trips for spending quality time with family and friends. Car rental services are definitely an easy and convenient way to travel to the desired place, at your comfort and within budget.

Renting a car means giving yourself time to relax.

Avoid putting excess wear and tear on your personal vehicle
Lower your maintenance and repair costs over time
If your car model is older, car rental helps you save money on fuel on a long distance trip
Avoid hassles of finding an appropriate vehicle to pick you up from railway station or airport, and waiting for hours
Avoid hassles of sudden break down and urgent repairing needs
Drive over the roads that are less favorable, without stress
In a nutshell, get peace of mind and enjoy the journey!

A typical car rental agency offers:

Local city tours - City tours covering tourist attractions within the city
Intra-city transfer - From one place to another
Airport/railway station transfer - Railway station/airport pick & drop
Inter-city/outstation tours - From one city to another
Multi-city travel - A week or more days trip covering multiple cities
Sightseeing - A tour covering all tourist attractions you wish to visit
Lots of car rental companies are going the extra mile just to provide their customers with better services and traveling experience.

Additional benefits of car rental services:

Easy booking process
Several payment options
Convenience & comfort
Car accessories
Pick-up & drop
Support services
Budget & luxury vehicles
Choice of vehicles
Professional drivers
Competitive discount coupons/offers
Check out different car rental agencies in your area, compare the rates and plan your trip at the best possible package!
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8 Tips For Traveling Cheaply And Saving Money

Being a frequent traveler, I know the biggest hurdle travelers come across is
traveling under a budget, no matter how much you plan and calculate you end up spending more than the estimated budget. Well, here are my top eight money saving tips for novice travelers planning an overseas trip.

1. According to my observation dinners is the most expensive meals of the day, since it's the last meal before you go to the bed its usually expensive. I will recommend that you have the main meal of the day during lunch time because you will get lots of food for less money. For dinner you can opt for a light snack or street food.

2. When it comes to accommodation I find apartments the best in terms of comfort and money, plus you get your own kitchen so you can cook your meals yourself this helps in cutting the food costs.

3. When you are traveling through one airline use your collected miles for getting a free ticket, if you are running low on miles then buy some from online websites who sell air miles.

4. Trust me unless you don't have a local SIM card don't turn on the data roaming you will burn money in just uploading a selfie or checking a few messages, instead check with your hotel if they offer free Wi-Fi or go to a coffee shop and enjoy their free Wi-Fi.

5. If you are staying at a tropical resort then one thing is for sure that you will be getting the best accommodation facilities, but the drinks and food prices will be more than normal.

6. If you are buying travel insurance policy for each of your trip, then you are doing it the wrong way, the best way to get a travel insurance policy is by getting it for the whole year this way you save a lot of money even if you travel only twice in a year.

7. If you are staying in a hotel and the food service is pretty expensive, here is a cool hack for you, go to the local grocery store, buy the supplies and head for the nearest picnic point or parks they have iron grills fixed there do your cooking and enjoy an open air meal.

8. Drink tap water, it's free and mostly safe in foreign countries, mineral water comes with a price tag and can cost a few hundred dollars if you keep on purchasing it.

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Best Hotels in Mysore for a Romantic Getaway

Mysore is the third largest city in Karnataka and is considered to be the cultural
capital of the state. It is rated as one of the cleanest cities in India and is a popular tourist destination. The city is home to several sightseeing spots like Mysore Palace, Brindavan Gardens, Chamundi Hills, St. Philomenas Church, Mysore Zoo and Lalit Mahal Palace. Being a popular holiday destination, there are several hotels in Mysore to suit diverse budgets and interest. Here are the top rated hotels in Mysore for a romantic getaway.
The Windflower Resort and Spa
Located on Maharanapratap Road, the Windflower Resort is popular amongst couples on a romantic getaway. The hotel offers a tranquil ambiance, great food and friendly staff. Nestled amidst lush greenery, the grounds outside the resort is home to several species of bidrds like hoopoe, prinia and woodpecker.
The hotel's proximity to several sightseeing spots like Chamundi Hills, Karanji Lake and Mysore Zoo is an added advantage. Guests are offered amenities like wi-fi, mini-fridge, travel desk, doctor on call and can rental services. This an excellent romantic hotel in Mysore for couples looking for a relaxed weekend getaway.
Green Hotel
This is a beautiful heritage hotel in Mysore that served as a royal palace during the British Raj era. The hotel is surrounded by manicured lawns and several rows of rose-beds which creates a cozy and romantic ambiance. The rooms are spacious, clean and well furnished.
The in-house restaurant serves Indian and Continental delicacies at reasonable rates. An added advantage of staying at the Green Hotel is its proximity to several sightseeing spots. Guests can access free Wi-Fi, however the reception is patchy at best. This is a good option for travellers searching for romantic hotels in Mysore that offers clean and spacious rooms at reasonable rates.
Royal Inn
Located on K.R.S Road, Royal Inn is considered to be one of the best budget romantic hotels in Mysore. This is a beautiful property that offers clean and spacious rooms at affordable rates. Royal Inn is an excellent choice for couples celebrating a special event or planning a weekend getaway. The in-house restaurant serves a range of Indian, Chinese and Continental fares. The highlight of the hotel is the well manicured lawn and the outdoor restaurant. The sole downside to this hotel is the lack of a swimming pool.
Hotel Regaalis
This is a 2 star hotel that is popular amongst honeymoon couples and leisure travellers. The hotel is close to several major sightseeing spots and the railway station. The rooms are spacious and well furnished with modern amenities. The highlight of this hotel in Mysore is the team of friendly staff who go above and beyond to ensure a comfortable stay for the guests. The in-house restaurant, Charcoal, serves one of the best buffet breakfasts in town. This is one of the few budget hotels in Mysore that offers amenities like swimming pool, fitness center and full service spa. Try to book rooms on the upper floors with a view of the swimming pool.
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